Phase I:
The DWP Youth Component plans to attract at least 19 trainees in 2013
Participant recruitment will come from several identified organizations. (TAP - Tennessee
Aquatic Project, NABS - National Association of Black SCUBA Divers, Morgan State
University, Harbor School of NY, Bitongs Divers of Mozambique and South Africa Once
identified, the YDWP candidates will meet monthly via video conferencing to discuss study
materials, ask questions, and begin to interact with one another.  Additional training in the areas
of public speaking, interviewing, and technology will be provided for trainees in an effort to
increase their ability to share their experience and develop training materials for marketing to
other youth.

Phase III:
The DWP program has always been committed to empowering the minority
communities surrounding Biscayne National Park by providing them with opportunities to engage
in swimming and diving activities.  Many of the youth from these communities do not swim and
have taken little advantage of the water related “wonders” in their backyard.  Having already
established relationships with the Homestead and Florida City communities situated around
Biscayne Park, DWP will, as part of their training week, visit schools and community centers to
share their experiences.  The youth trainees will be invaluable to this initiative.  Ultimately, the
hope is to inspire local youth to become environmentally conscious and take advantage of the
many opportunities that are at their disposal.

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Phase II:
The YDWP candidates will gather at Biscayne National Park in July of 2013
they will train with DWP instructors.  Their experience will be filmed daily and the youth will
spend there down time interviewing, journaling, and studying.  Using some real and delayed time
Podcasting the youth will share their DWP journey both on land and underwater with youth from
their communities.  These segments have the potential of reaching hundreds of youth in
communities across the country with the expectation of stimulating interest in scuba diving,
marine science, history, journalism, or technology.  Schools will be identified from each of the
communities the DWP trainee represents to participate in the weeklong training experience. 
Students viewing the POD cast (via Facebook, Twitter, youtube, NING site, etc.) will be asked to
send questions to the DWP trainees.  The DWP instructors, representing a variety of professions
will share personal stories of what led them to diving and the specific rewards achieved through
their association with DWP.  At its completion, the trainees will become certified Underwater
Archaeology Advocates intrigued by history, respectful of marine life, and storytellers of their
great experiences with the sea.

Phase IV:
As part of the DWP Scholarship provided to the candidates, they will be
required to share their experience in innovative ways with the communities to which they return. 
Principals and science teachers from the participants’ school will be sent a packet about the
program and the accomplishments of the DWP Advocate encouraging them to utilize their
knowledge and skills in the classroom.  The DWP Advocate will be encouraged to speak on
media outlets in the school (student-led radio and television stations, approved social media
outlets) as well as, any other related clubs and activities deemed appropriate.
Those DWP Advocates who demonstrate initiative and commitment to the marine
science community will be considered for training as a DWP Instructor.
Phases I-IV will be repeated each year (2013 and 2014) for each class of 19 DWP
scholarship recipients.
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