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  Diving with a Purpose (DWP) is a community-focused nonprofit organization   dedicated to the conservation and protection of submerged heritage resources   by providing education, training, certification and field experience to adults and   youth in the fields of maritime archaeology and ocean conservation. A special   focus of DWP is the protection, documentation, and interpretation of African   slave trade shipwrecks and the maritime history and culture of African-   Americans who formed a core


  Diving with a Purpose (DWP) is a leading international organization that   provides education and training programs, mission leadership, and project   support services for submerged heritage preservation and conservation projects   worldwide with a focus on the African Diaspora.

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History is Being Made all Around Us, Be A Part of It!


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Restoring Our Oceans, Preserving Our Heritage

Brenda Lanzendorf

  Sometimes we forget how things happen or we just   don’t know. I heard a recent quote saying “What   gets remembered is a function of who is in the   room, and who is doing the remembering." And   sometimes the real story doesn’t get told. 13 years   ago I met a young woman who is responsible for   this   13-year journey that I have been on. It was her   vision and her willingness to start something new   and engage lay people who new very little about   archeology. Her name is Brenda Lanzendorf who   was the Biscayne Park Archeologist and for next 5   years we formed a bond and with the help of Erik   Denson,Rod Singleton and Erly Thornton Diving   With A Purpose was born ,her legacy will live on   and I will continue to tell her story.

Diving with a Purpose is a 501(3) non profit organization. Your contribution  is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or service were provided in exchange in for your generous  financial donation.

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