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“The first section of the wreck we documented were the wings… As we removed algae, the signature military star became apparent. This sight almost brought tears to my eyes underwater. At this point, I recognized the ultimate sacrifice Lt. Moody and many other Tuskegee Airmen paid for their beliefs and their country.”

Erik Denson NASA Engineer

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Day 2 by Melody Garrett,

Disappointing news came early in the morning. Weather conditions didn't look promising for diving today. A storm was approaching. Though we watched for updates, the forecast never improved. Meanwhile, the energy and enthusiasm was still in the air. We met in a small hotel conference room where we reviewed our photographs from yesterday's dive. We attempted to identify the various plane structures that we had witnessed. Wayne showed photos and video footage that he had recorded. He also shared detailed information from his research of the five Tuskegee Pilots who had crashed into the Lake Huron area. There were historical accounts about the time that the young pilots spent here at Selfridge Air Station where they trained.

Ultimately, prejudice lead to their relocation to South Carolina.

Finally, we set up our dive teams, assigned team search areas, and reviewed our planned search patterns and our planned methods to document the aircraft tomorrow.

I must say that seeing 2LT Frank Moody's wrecked plane, seeing pictures of these trailblazers, and learning about their backgrounds just intensified my/our commitment to share their history from the marine archeological perspective. They were accomplished scholars, some near pro athletes- our best in show-lively, youthful, and proud.

We will memorialize them. As Wayne said yesterday just before we made our descent from the boat, we must remember to recognize and respect the site where a life was lost while serving his country.

Well, we lost a day for diving. Hopefully, our strategizing today will propel us into total efficiency tomorrow. We plan to get an early start. It the weather god is kind to us, three dives should be possible. We have planned our dive. Now, it's just a matter of diving our plan.,

Tuskegee Airmen – American Heroe

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Kamau Sadiki

San Jose

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DWP lead instructor Kamau Sadiki played a role in the excavation of the San Jose . On Saturday he went to the museum with his daughter and her friend , lo and behold there is is photo of him in the Museum. Kamau says that when people heard about him him being involved with the San Jose ,he answered questions for over 2 hours

photograph is in the new African American Museum in Washington D.C.

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