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Just a phone call;

DWP started with a phone call from Karuna Eberl in 2003. At that time, I was the Southern Region Representative for the National Association of Black Scuba Divers, and she was producing a documentary called the“Guerrero Project” and

needed some black divers to interview. Having found me on

the NABS web site, I enlisted some of my NABS friends Erik

Denson, Goldie Singleton, Major Nimiock, and Rod Singleton to

be interviewed for this documentary about the search for the

slave ship The Guerrero, as told through a book by Gail

Swanson. The documentary also tells the story of treasure

hunters and archeologists and their opposing views on where

the lost ship (The Guerrero) was now located.

A year into the project, I had the pleasure of meeting Brenda

Lanzendorf, the archeologist at Biscayne Park and “star” of the

documentary. Her passion for the search and unwavering

support for preserving our national marine sanctuaries was

inspiring! During one of our meetings she mentioned to me

that Biscayne Park had a lot of wrecks needing to be

documented. And, with Brenda being the only park

archeologist, she needed help! I went home and contacted

many of my NABS brothers and sisters, beginning the

correspondence with “Tired of the same old dives? Let’s Dive

With a Purpose!” Eric Denson was the first excited

respondent, with Erly Thornton and Rod Singleton coming on

shortly their after. Soon, these 3 NABS experienced divers

were taking an underwater archeology course and DWP was

born! Today, 52 NABS divers have completed the course and

16 have become instructors. Included in this number are 3

young divers from the local youth organization I co-founded,

the Tennessee Aquatic Project and Development Group, Inc.


Diving with a Purpose has become an integral part of the park’s

yearly activities and each year has expanded in its reach.

Unfortunately, the driving force of the program is no longer

with us. Brenda Lanzendorf passed away last year but, her

legacy continues!

My life has been enriched by the experiences had through the

Diving with a Purpose program and in the process 52 African

American archeology enthusiasts have been born!



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